Run a line through your text by adding a strike through quickly.

You can run a line through all the contents of a cell giving a clue that the item is complete of finished E.G.:


Normally this is a fiddly affair requiring many mouse clicks.  To do this quickly simply select the cell or cells you want to add the strike through to and press ctrl and 5.  This action toggles the strike through on and off.

Split a cells contents over multiple rows automatically

If you have a cell that contains a large sentence that is not easy to read without resizing the cell, you can use the justify function to split the large sentence into other cells without the need for copy and paste. 

Highlight the cell with the sentence you want to split (NOTE this requires blank cells to be beneath)
Then in:
    Excel 2007 click Home -> Editing -> Fill -> Justify
    Excel 2000 – 2003 click Edit -> Fill -> Justify.

This will result in the text from the cell you selected being split into the cells beneath.

Stop your headings from disappearing with freeze panes

When you create a list in excel that ends up being quite large scrolling up and down can result in you not being able to see your headings.  This means that the information you see might not make a lot of sense.

To correct this you can use freeze panes.  Select the cell below the section you want to freeze and:

In Excel 2007 click View -> Window -> Freeze Panes
In Excel 2000 – 2003 click Window -> Freeze Panes

This function toggles on and off so to unfreeze panes use the same menu option and instead of freeze panes the option will be called unfreeze panes.