Turn a horizontal list into a vertical one and vice versa with paste special transpose.

lets say you have a list of values in a spreadsheet that is going along a row like below:

10  20  30  40  50  60

But you want the list to be formatted like this:


Normally you would end up retyping the list of doing a lot copy and pasting.  Well you don’t have too do this!  You can use paste special to solve your problem. 

Highlight the text you want to rotate
select copy from the right click menu or from the toolbar / ribbon at the top of excel
move to where you want the new rotated list to be on your spreadsheet
select paste special from the right click menu of from the toolbar / ribbon at the top
tick the box at the bottom right of the screen that states ‘Transpose’
press ok.

This method will also change a vertical list into a horizontal list.

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Moving to the bottom of a range or list without scrolling

If you have a list of say 1000 items and you want to get to the bottom of it you would usually need to use the scroll bar or press the down cursor key and get finger ache!  Well providing you click somewhere within the list you can use ctrl and the down cursor key.  This will move you directly to the end of that particular list.  In the same way ctrl and up / left / right works.

Also if you combine this method by pressing shift at the same time it will move to the end of the list and also select the cells between where you started out from and the end.

Build a sequence of numbers, text or dates quickly

You can build a sequence of numbers, text or dates within excel very quickly.  Simply enter the sequence you want to repeat as the example below:


Now drag over the two or more cells containing the pattern of sequence you want to create and select the black fill handle at the bottom right and drag down to create a sequence as below:

And so on …